Myaungmya Daw Cho Mohinga – award winning mohinga shop

Myaungmya Daw Cho Mohinga – award winning mohinga shop

Serving up light fish-laden ‘Myaungmya’ style broth, there’s no wonder why Myaungmya Daw Cho continues to win awards for its mohinga noodles.

“I only eat mohinga from Myaungmya Daw Cho” declared a friend.

So it was with great anticipation that we tasted our first bowls of mohinga from Myaungmya Daw Cho.

And she has a point – though we’re far from discriminatory when it comes to mohinga. It’s just such an all-around satisfying dish: fragrant lemongrass fish soup is thickened with ground chickpeas and banana stems, served with soft rice noodles, coriander and crunchy deep fried fritters.

But as one of the national dishes of Myanmar, it’s inevitable that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of ways to prepare it, with each region boasting their unique variation.

Mohingya – Myaungmya style

Mohinga at Myaungmya Daw Cho
An excellent spoonful of mohinga at Myaungmya Daw Cho

Hailing from Myaungmya, a township in Irrawaddy Division, the Mohinga at Myaungmya Daw Cho features a thinner, more watery broth enhanced by succulent substantial morsels of fish. Accustomed to the thicker variation often found in Yangon, this was a nice change.

Featuring four types of fish, the soft flaky pieces imparted great texture and flavour without being overly ‘fishy’. And these were proper pieces of fish – not tiny shredded flakes – delivering a more generous helping than your typical roadside stall.

The scattering of fried split pea fritters offered excellent crunch, as did the softer chunks of banana stem. We helped ourselves to handfuls of coriander and a few wedges of lime – only briefly noting the absence of chopped long beans typically offered on the side.

Mohinga construction at Myaungmya Daw Cho
Mohinga construction

Is this the best Mohinga shop in Yangon?

It’s clear to see why Myaungmya Daw Cho is a strong favorite amongst mohinga fans. And while we haven’t yet had better, we’re humble enough to admit we haven’t had enough mohinga to make a definitive call on this one.

But we’re definitely willing to find out…

Myaungmya Daw Cho Mohinga Shop
Guess this monk is a fan

Myaungmya Daw Cho Mohinga

Price: 600 MMK per bowl

Must orders: Mohinga. Don’t know if they even serve anything else.

Good for: All mohinga lovers, and those open to being convinced.

Address: We visited the branch at 118D, Old Yaydarshay Street, Bahan.

Other locations: 16, 11th Street (lower block), Lanmataw; 149, 51st Street (upper block), Pazuntaung; 120, Tamwe Street, Tamwe.

Notes: In general, go early as mohinga tends to go quite early. The Bahan branch closes at 11 am.

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