Xi Yang Yang review – dumplings and much more in Yangon

Xi Yang Yang review – dumplings and much more in Yangon

Xi Yang Yang serves up some of the best xiao long bao (soup dumplings) in Yangon, but there’s much more to the menu than just dumplings…

Xi Yang Yang will always have a special place in my heart. Just down the road from where I first lived in Yangon, it was the first place I knew to get a predictable and delicious meal without any working knowledge of Burmese language.

It’s most well known for their xiao long bao, or soup dumplings. We’ve covered them extensively in our other post ranking the best of xiao long bao in Yangon. Long story short, they’re delicious, if perhaps, no longer the best in town.

Xiao long bao at Xi Yang Yang
Small serving of pork xiao long bao (order large to get 8 dumplings!)
But there’s lots of other wonderful gems in their menu.

Near the top is their ‘fried chicken in hot sauce’ which consists of cuts of crispy fried chicken in a spicy soy sauce and vinegar dressing, topped with coriander and Chinese cabbage. The dressing is what really elevates the dish, cutting through the richness of the meat and providing freshness and heat.

Vegetarian friendly scallion pancakes are a crispy and savory treat. Topped with a little chili sauce and dunked in dark vinegar, they have captured the hearts of many a customer determined to consume a meal purely of xiao long bao and nothing else (so much so in our case that we forgot to take a photo).

Honorable mentions go to all the other dumpling dishes on the menu. They’re all consistently fairly good, with decent wrappers and balanced fillings. But they can’t compare to the heights of home-made dumplings, or those found anywhere in China. Varieties on offer include the pan fried pork dumplings (woh teep to Cantonese speakers), won tons in chili sauce, siu mai and vegetable dumplings.

Xi Yang Yang also serve up excellent stir fried vegetables (kai lan or watercress), sweet and nutty sesame buns and a solid plate of turnip cake.

Watercress at Xi Yang Yang
Watercress – always tasty and mostly healthy
It’s not a fancy or atmospheric place, with no nonsense décor and a moderately priced menu. But it’s definitely worth a visit (or 8 and counting…).

Price: Around 7,000 MMK per person

Must orders: Pork xiao long bao, fried chicken in hot sauce

Good for: Anyone with a craving for Chinese food, especially diners who eat pork

Address: Nyaung Tone Road (close to Baho Road), Sanchaung, Yangon

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