Shan Yoe Yar review – fancy Shan spot for when you want more than noodles

Shan Yoe Yar review – fancy Shan spot for when you want more than noodles

If you are – somehow – sick of Shan noodles, hop on over to Shan Yoe Yar to experience the wide smattering of deliciousness that Shan cuisine has to offer, in the breezy confines of a beautiful wooden house.

Shan Yoe Yar is fancy. Not that you have to dress up to eat there, but you feel rather fancy sat in a beautiful old wooden house with soft lighting and a menu the weight of a brick.

Shan food can get pigeon-holed as consisting of just Shan noodles which, don’t get me wrong, are delicious. But Shan Yoe Yar demonstrates (not least with the massively extensive menu) the range of Shan cuisine, from fragrant curries to punchy salads and moreish fried delights. Dishes aren’t cheap, but they are generous in size, guaranteeing either leftovers or a light bellyache from overeating. Both, from my experience.

The pork curry with banana blossom was a crowd favourite, with a deep savoury flavour and tender morsels of meat. The tofu salad was a tasty rendition, but could not begin to compare to the heights of the dish at 999 Shan Noodle House. The tea leaf salad was a solid accompaniment, if a tier down from the best in town, as was the spicy and nutty spinach salad.

Shan tofu salad, Shan Yoe Yar
Shan tofu salad, solid even if it can’t beat 999 Shan Noodle House

And then of course, we had to order Shan noodles, or Shaw Khao Swe. Given the choice between soup or salad (aka dry) form, and with chicken or pork, we went with the salad version with pork. With tender noodles fully coated with the silky tomato-based meaty dressing (almost like a ragu), they were some of the best Shan noodles we’ve had, although we missed having a side of pickles as common in some venues.

Shan noodles at Shan Yoe Yar
Shan Khao Swe – it had to be done

We rounded the meal off with seafood meatballs on lemongrass skewers. These sounded, and looked, a lot tastier than they were. The ground seafood had a mealy texture, helped only somewhat by the sweet chilli sauce accompanying it.

Seafood on lemongrass skewers at Shan Yoe Yar
Seafood on lemongrass skewers – if only they tasted as good as they look

During a previous visit we ordered ‘pounded nightshade‘ out of sheer curiosity. It transpired that pounded nightshade is incredibly bitter, with a texture and aftertaste of twigs. Given that Twiglets exist, maybe a selling point for some? Regardless, it was probably the foulest thing I’ve tasted in my six months of eating here – including the divisive ngapi (fermented fish sauce).

But these let downs were the exception, not the norm. With enough dining companions and wise menu choices, you’re guaranteed a high ratio of delicious dishes to duds.


Shan Yoe Yar Restaurant

Price: Around 25,000 MMK for 5 people, with drinks and a solid amount of leftovers

Must orders: Pork curry with banana blossom, Shan noodles

Good for: When you want to treat yourself to a little more than just noodles, or want to show off to friends/visitors/dating companions

Address: No. 169, Wa Dan Street, Yangon, Myanmar

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